We invest a lot in the construction of our home, in terms of both money and time. Such investment is a long-term investment as you do not construct your home every year. Therefore while constructing a home, you need to make sure that every little thing is taken care of effectively. You want your abode to be just perfect from both inside and outside.

Talking about the outer construction of any building, rain gutters are very important. They may sound a small specification, but, are one of the very important components of the roofing system of any building. We often connect gutter with filth and dirt but what we don’t understand is its importance when it is raining cats & dogs.

Here in this article, we will try to help you understand the importance of the gutter system and also why rain gutters are so important for roofing system of your home.

  • Rain gutters are troughs that help in collecting rainwater.
  • With proper slopes and channels, it helps to slide that water to the ground.
  • These rain gutters are structured in a way that prevents water to slid down to your windows, sidings or doors.
  • Open rain gutters also collect leaves, pins or any other such debris material that can cause clogs in the drainage system. These clogs are really harmful to your building, during the dry season they can be fire hazards whereas during heavy rains they can lead to overflow of water on the roof leading to leakages in your walls and rooms.
  • The gutter system can also help in harvesting rainwater that is why it is really important to keep these gutters clean. Rain harvested water is perfect for watering lawns, plants, washing or cleaning.

Any kind of leakage can be really harmful to your building, moreover in such conditions, even outer part of your building starts looking damaged. Therefore it is always better to replace your gutters in stipulated time. The life expectancy of gutters may vary from the kind the material they are made from. For eg., the life of aluminum gutters is about 20-3 years whereas the life of copper gutters may extend to 50 years even.

Loose debris like leaves, pins, needles begin to decompose really quickly and starts forming a solid sheet that can clog the gutter. Whereas accumulated debris due to clogged gutters can prove to really fatal for the building as they turn into fire hazards and are very risky. Moreover accumulated debris can led to water sliding from the edges damaging the roofing and construction material of the building.

The problems that can be created because of damaged and clogged gutters:

  • Cracking in foundation
  • It can cause damage to internal as well as external paint
  • Can cause damage to doors, windows, sidings etc
  • Soil erosion
  • Overflooding of water on the roof and basement.


We hope that now you understand that how important is it to have the proper functional gutter system at your home. But we recommend you to get it installed by a professional as they know better as in what kind of gutter will suffice your requirement.