Have you ever wondered how much time and money you unknowingly spend in repairing or mending various things in your house? As an owner of house you are always up in task to something or other to keep the house as beautiful and comfortable as you want it to be. Like any other functioning machinery or equipment your house also requires time to time maintenance in order to keep it functional and at the same time preventing a big damage from occurring.

In terms of maintenance, it is always said that voluntary maintenance is always better than the forced one. So, it is important that you devise a schedule of maintenance for your house in such a manner that all the important components of your house remain intact. There are some visible benefits of regular maintenance of your house:

Safety First

Hundreds of deaths occur every year due to household accidents. Faulty garage door killing or injuring kids and pets, broken air systems, faulty pool equipment, overheated drier causing fire etc are not unusual news for any of us around in society. Most of these accidents causing all the fatalities are result of poor state of machinery resulted by lack of maintenance.  

Money Matters

The amount spent on maintenance of the house actually saves loss of millions by preventing the accidents. Just few simple steps of cleaning, oiling and greasing etc can actually avert several such mishaps.

Growth of Property

Regular maintenance helps in keeping the awesome look of your property always new and fresh. We all are aware that whenever we look to purchase a house the first thing that we check is the condition of the property. Same applies when we are trying to sell our house too. Regular maintenance avoids expending of large chunks of money in renovation of the house.

Tips of Home Maintenance

Although there are various ways and methods to design a maintenance schedule for your home but, there are some general principles that should be followed so as to prioritize the repairing schedule to ensure optimum utilization of the resources and time.

One such method can be temporal division of major checking and maintaining tasks. You can simply the divide the tasks into monthly, quarterly and annual tasks in terms of frequency of checks and repairs needed. For example, outer drainage, garden fence, locks, alarms, gutters and roof etc can be usually once a year. But garbage disposal, fire extinguishers, filters etc should be checked every month. Similarly, carbon dioxide detectors, smoke detectors, garage door auto reverse system, heating and cooling systems etc can be checked on quarterly basis.

Besides the temporal method, Seasonal Division can also be useful. You can easily divide your checking and repairing tasks according the approaching season for effectiveness. For example, before rainy season gutters, drains, roofs and windows should be checked for any possibility of leakages. Similarly, when winters are approaching; the heating system, window brims etc should be maintained to make heating effective with less energy consumption.

You can design your own plan of home maintenance as per your requirements. But be sure to perform regular maintenance on your home to enjoy the obvious benefits of prevention rather than spending a fortune on cure.