Roof according to common adage is the necessity of life. With, all those people who are elders of the society always dream of having their own homes and most of the time work hard throughout their life to fulfill the dream esp. in some third world countries.

According to Business Line which is a business newspaper, in India, it says that 8 out of 10 people in India, have their own home. The homeowners across Indian cities and villages have the home from the traditional as well as of modern architecture and style.

Those people who are making up their mind to build the own home on the plot should go for the roofing which is according to the new methods applied in the building industry. With, construction of homes becoming costly, if there is use of traditional material with thick layers of concrete cement as there are less use of the top floor which earlier use to be converted into a place for enjoying the winter sun.

The houses these days with the roofing more of western structure, thus helping the house owner to spend less on the costly cement, brick and mortar. The lighter on pocket materials with thick glass structure along with heavy beams of wood giving a structure of the club homes.

It gives a home which has helped the concept of Green structures. The business person around the world who are into the home construction industry, thus giving the heating, cooling and hot water systems, an easy place according to the site and the climatic condition of the country.

With the waste management being one of the mantras adapted throughout the world, it can be seen in the roofing system where the certain parts of the roof can be made through ash bricks system. The ash brick system giving a great way to all the home needs. Also, with less amount of heat absorbing it keeps the home cooler during the harsh weather conditions.

With the whole house system taking into the styling of home, much depends on the occupant behavior and the designing context of the home. The liking of the home construction depends much upon the advanced house framing with the super structured homes giving longevity and the efficiently manufactured homes.

People who build the home with all love and respect towards the inner laying of the house along with the outer structure. The cost-effective methods to be more applicable with list of improvements and potential savings get more praise by the energy efficient authorities of the city.

The construction industry changing very fast and more modern techniques coming into use, with the moveable homes concept. Also, with easy to make homes, the bulky homes concept is taking the back seat.

People are going with the recyclable material to make their homes, along with modern electricity styling which gets dim with the mood. Also, the artificial intelligence system creeping into the house making design, the total architectural style has changed from roofing to the comfort of the home in terms of designing and development.